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Forum & Friends / Preise unabhängige Jurys

Portrait of Thomas Heise: A man with short grey hair and narrow-rimmed glasses. He is smiling.

Forum & Friends (forever): in memoriam, Thomas Heise

From July 24 to 28 Forum & Friends is dedicated to the memory of director Thomas Heise, who died in May 29. His films were shown regularly in the Forum program.

The Forum and Forum Expanded program 2024

  • Film still from "Oasis of Now" by Chee Sum Chia. It shows a close-up of two hands on a concrete staircase.

    The Forum Program 2024

    In ever-darkening times across the globe amid hardening discourses, the films of the 54th Berlinale Forum emphatically engage with what it means to be human.

  • Film still from Hicham Gardaf’s film “In Praise of Slowness”. A person walks through a dry, barren landscape holding a mountain of empty plastic bottles on their back. To the right of the frame is what seems to be a large signpost, however we only see it from behind.

    The Forum Expanded Program 2024

    The 19 films, installations and performances of the Forum Expanded program draw our attention to communities – their constitution, the breaking points they face and the dangers and constraints to which they are exposed to.


Arsenal 60 ff. – Film talks from five decades of Forum

Arsenal is opening its audio archive with the podcast "Arsenal 60ff". The audience discussions during the Berlinale Forum are legendary – enthusiastic and often entertaining. We are presenting a selection and contextualizing them in conversations with experts.

The Podcast: film talks with Safi Faye, Helke Misselwitz & Helke Sander

Podcast Bilder Denken #8 Cristina Nord and Barbara Wurm in conversation

Podcast Bilder Denken

Bilder Denken #8

The new and the old head of Berlinale Forum in conversation: Barbara Wurm and Cristina Nord (55 min, in Englisch)

Exploring the Voiceover in Film

A close-up of two men. The first is standing with his back to the camera, the second can be seen in left side profile. It is dark and foggy. They are illuminated from the left.

Filmmakers on the Voiceover in Film

Many films in our programmes explore the possibilities of the voiceover. We asked filmmakers who screened at recent editions of the Forum and Forum Expanded to write about this cinematographic technique, with their answers running the full gamut from the analytical to the personal, from the general to the specific and from the lyrical to the concrete – each text the product of a unique voice.


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