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Film still from Emilia Beatriz’s film “barrunto”. A foggy image -- three animals, seemingly deer, trod along a barren landscape.
© Emilia Beatriz
  • Director

    Emilia Beatriz

  • Scotland, Puerto Rico / 2024
    70 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language

    Spanish, English, Scottish Gaelic

“Barrunto” is a word used in Puerto Rico to refer to a bodily unrest, an omen or a forecast sensed via signals present in the environment (such as when rain is forecast through aches and pains or when ants emerge anticipating an earthquake). “Barrunto” is a way of thinking with surface and subconscious, underfoot and underground.
barrunto is a speculative narrative informed by poetry and theories of quantum entanglement across diasporic distance. An intimate exploration of grief and resistance in shifting landscapes of loss, from the streets to the bed; in sites of displacement, nuclear contamination, and military occupation from Scotland to Puerto Rico; from the bottom of the ocean to the planet Uranus; using digital, archival, and 16mm film hand-processed in “grief tea.”

Emilia Beatriz is an artist, access-worker, and beekeeper-in-study. Their films weave historical and speculative narratives, centering sensorial/poetic storytelling, dreaming, and action, grounded in conversation, oral history, and community archiving. They use film, photography, text, sound, and performance to witness and build embodied stories of presence and resistance. Beatriz is co-founder of Collective Text, a collaborative working process committed to practicing disability justice and supporting accessibility in art and film through creative captioning, audio description, and interpretation.

Production companies barrunto productions (Glasgow, Scotland), Screen Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland), Lux Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland), La Impresora (Isabela, Puerto Rico). Director, Screenplay, Camera Emilia Beatriz. Music Shanti Lalita. Sound production Claude Nouk. Translation Nicole Cecilia Delgado. Archival footage Andrés Nieves, Archivo Histórico de Vieques. With Shanti Lalita (VOZ ELEMENTAL), Harry Josephine Giles (URAN(i)O), Alicia Matthews (Narrator), Ángela Ginorio.

World sales barrunto productions

Films: 2014: P-O-S-S-E-S-S-I-O-N (<3) (video installation, 19 min.). 2019: conversación con ana elisa (video installation, 54 min.), a forecast, a haunting, a crossing, a visitation (video installation, 54 min.). 2022: a crossing (1698-2003) (10 min.). 2024: barrunto.

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