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O Seeker

Film still from Gavati Wad’s film “O Seeker”. The palm of a hand with various illustrations drawn onto it, including planets, stars, and lines.
© Gavati Wad
  • Director

    Gavati Wad

  • India, USA / 2024
    19 min. / 16 mm / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language

    Hindi, English

While she waits to fall asleep every night, a young girl confronts her fears and anxieties about human existence, the news media, and the cosmos. Fear returns to her like an efficient postman carrying dizzying and worrisome letters in which she encounters the same characters each time: a troubled scientist, a two-headed snake, a dancer with four hands, and an unsuccessful magician who appears and disappears mysteriously. Amidst it all, a circus unfolds with its many performers leaping, twirling, and spinning in shiny costumes. One question looms over it all: “Where are we? Here – where we walk with our feet on the ground? Or there – where everything flows boundlessly?”
Set as the world slowly heals from a pandemic, O Seeker considers the relationship between science, politics, spirituality, and superstition in India as it weaves a puzzle of unresolved questions through conversations about grief, loss and absurd events, real and imagined.

Gavati Wad is an artist and filmmaker from India, currently based in Pune. Gavati works primarily with 16mm celluloid using both a camera and cameraless techniques to generate sound and image. Her work responds to tropes and standards present in commercial media practices, including those of the photo studio, television broadcasting, and political propaganda. She is interested in questions of identity in contexts such as gender and the nation-state and explores cultural interpretations of scientific phenomena. She received her M.F.A. in Film/Video from the California Institute of the Arts.

Production Gavati Wad. Production company Gavati Wad (USA). Director Gavati Wad. Sound mixing Aidan Reynolds. Executive producer Gavati Wad. With Varun Sahni, Rajashree Sawant Wad, Bhavik Shah, Utkarsh, Gavati Wad, Shamira Dharap, Rambo Circus, Sujata Mane.

Films: 2024: O Seeker.

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