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Film still from Elena Pardo and Azucena Losana’s film “Nanacatepec”. A mushroom shaped almost like a jellyfish with a white top and red bottom, seemingly glowing.
© Laboratorio Experimental de Cine
  • Director

    Elena Pardo, Azucena Losana

  • Mexico, Spain / 2024
    approx. 50 min. / Without dialogue

The Nanacatepec rock is traversed by a network that extends without a defined shape. It communicates both below and above the earth with living and dead beings. Its fruits, in the form of rhizomes and branching networks of fungi, are creators and transformers of everything in the world. Using multiple projections of films and objects in a 16mm film performance the two artists create an irresistible visual eddy of nature shots and shadow plays.

Elena Pardo’s cinematic work spans documentary, animation, installation, and live performance. Her expanded cinema and web documentary project Underground Pulses received the support of the Art Creators National System Program. She is a co-founder of the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (LEC), an artist-run lab focused on experimental film in Mexico.

Azucena Losana’s art practice involves experimental filmmaking, installation, and performance. She received a grant from the Art Creators National System Program in Mexico in 2017, and the e-flux prize at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in 2022.

Production Elena Pardo, Azucena Losana. Production companies Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (Mexiko-Stadt, Mexico), Crater-Lab (Barcelona, Spain), Spectral. Directed by Elena Pardo, Azucena Losana. Cinematography Elena Pardo, Azucena Losana. Music Tomás Novoa. Co-producer Luis Macías.


Elena Pardo (selection): 2004: El Rey De Los Coleaderos / The King Of Rodeo (with Héctor Hernández, 78 min.), Juquilita (3 min.). 2009: Mi Barrio / My Neighbourhood (5 min.). 2016: Cinema'a (with Tzutzumatzin Soto, 13 min.). 2017: Desaparecer (with Morris Manuel Trujillo, 30 min.). 2018: De La Naturaleza Del Hueso (3 min.). 2019: Inventario Churubusco / Churubusco Inventory (7 min.). 2022: Pulsos Subterráneos / Underground Pulses (40 min.). 2024: Nanacatepec.

Azucena Losana (selection): 2013: Colibri / Hummingbird (7 min.), El Guaraches (4 min.). 2021: Feriado / Holiday (2 min.). 2022: Tigre Del Carbon / Charcoal Tiger (5 min.). 2023: Troco (30 min.), Ofrenda / Ofrenda (4 min.), Primitiva (5 min.). 2024: Nanacatepec.

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