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Film still from "Reas" by Lola Arias. It shows a smoking woman lying on a bed and a man sitting at the foot of the bed. The wall is painted with a sunset.
Still from REAS by Lola Arias © Gema Films
  • Director

    Lola Arias

  • Argentinia, Germany, Switzerland / 2024
    82 min / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


Re-enacting one’s experience: Yoseli is new in prison. She passes the security check with stoical calm, almost curiosity. She shuffles into her cell before heading out to smoke; with each cigarette she gives away it gets clearer: any “I” here, must become part of the “We”. Yoseli is sworn into a diverse group of cis and trans women, loose attachments forged in a constant stream of new sparring and bonding partnerships. They live boldly, with an awareness of their bodies: the ritualised force of the voguing battles in the yard, the enthusiasm of playing in the band, wonderful songs. Yoseli joins in, sings along, dances and becomes friends with Nacho, a trans man. Romance and love is threaded tenderly through the group’s temporary communality. The editing and direction weave everything together, while the performers ensure smooth transitions: the hybrid theatrical staging offers congenial forms for self-assertion. If Theatre of War (Forum 2018) emphasised the political, Lola Arias’s latest performative, empowerment re-enactments in Buenos Aires’ Casero prison turn on lust, celebration, energy, music, trance balance – and endless charm. (Fabian Tietke, Barbara Wurm)

Lola Arias, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976. She is a writer, theatre director, fine artist, musician and performer. She studied literature at Buenos Aires University and playwriting at Buenos Aires Metropolitan Conservatory. Her plays include “My Life After”, “Familienbande”, “That Enemy Within”, “The Art of Making Money”, “Mother Tongue” and the trilogy “Striptease”, “Revolver Dream” and “Love is a Sniper”. She has also made video installations and released music with collaborator Ulises Conti. Theatre of War, her first feature-length film, premiered at the Forum in 2018.

Production Gema Juárez Allen, Clarisa Oliveri, Vadim Jendreyko, Ingmar Trost. Production companies Gema Films (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Sutor Kolonko (Köln, Germany), Mira Film (Zürich, Switzerland). Director Lola Arias. Cinematography Martín Benchimol. Editing Ana Remón. Music Ulises Conti. Sound design Sofía Straface, Daniel Almada. Casting Tálata Rodriguez. With Yoseli Arias, Ignacio Amador Rodriguez, Estefy Harcastle, Carla Canteros, Noelia Perez, Paulita Asturayme, Laura Amato, Pato Aguirre, Cintia Aguirre, Julieta Fernandez, Silvana Gomez, Daniela Borda, Jade De la Cruz Romero, Betina Otaso.

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Films: 2014: Veterans Installation (5 short films: The Swimmer, 9 min., The Voice, 9 min., The Sinking of the Belgrano, 11 min., Last Day of War, 9 min., The Diary of a Soldier, 50 min.). 2018: Teatro de guerra / Theatre of War. 2024: Reas.

Bonus Material

Director’s Statement and Interview

  • Film still from "Reas" by Lola Arias. It shows a woman in a denim jacket behind bars.

    Director’s Statement

    Lola Arias on her decision to shoot in the former Caseros prison with women who had been recently released from jail
  • Film still from "Reas" by Lola Arias. It shows a smoking woman lying on a bed and a man sitting at the foot of the bed. The wall is painted with a sunset.


    Lola Arias talks to Alena Martens and Barbara Wurm about her new feature REAS

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