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The Human Hibernation

Film still from "The Human Hibernation" by Anna Cornudella Castro.It shows people of different ages spread out in pairs in a field of ferns. One person is sitting alone. They are all wearing dark blue clothing.
Still from THE HUMAN HIBERNATION by Anna Cornudella Castro
  • Director

    Anna Cornudella Castro

  • Spain / 2024
    90 min / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


Erin awakes to find snow still on the ground. He has come out of hibernation too early. While trudging through the snowy forest in search of his sister, he succumbs to the freezing temperatures. The days grow longer; the snow gives way to mud. The others now wake from hibernation, resume their lives, clear the overgrowth from their homes. Now it is Carla who searches for her brother – to no avail. In this film, a world is explored – snuffling, groping – in which the spheres of humans and animals overlap. Something somnambulistic spreads amongst these occurrences between the zoomorphic and anthropomorphic. To come to terms with her loss, Carla begins to question her fellow human beings about their self-evident practice of winter hibernation and shared awaking in spring. Between meditation and science fiction, this atmospheric, striking debut film from Spanish media artist Anna Cornudella Castro achieves an almost wordless equilibrium between animals, plants, and humans – in individual relationships, family structures, and in society. The Human Hibernation activates all the senses of this world, be they oppressive and liberating.

Anna Cornudella Castro, graduated in film in 2014 from the Escola Superior de Cinema I Audiovisuals de Catalunya and has worked since then in theatre, film and video art. She has directed music videos and has made video art projects, including The Wheel Together with New York artist Eliza Lu Doyle and Jacob or Self Maintaining.

Production companies Japonica Films (Barcelona, Spain), Batiak Films (Madrid, Spain). Director Anna Cornudella Castro. Screenplay Anna Cornudella Castro, Lluís Sellarès. Cinematography Arthur Pol Camprubí. Editing Marc Roca Vives. Music Emili Bosch Molina. Sound Laura Tomás Cascalló. Production design Gal·la Seguí Delgado. Executive producer Gerard Rodríguez, Frank Lucas, Clara Santaolaya, Pol Cornudella Castro. With Clara Muck Dietrich, Demetrius Hollimon, Jane Hubbell, Brian Stevens, Neil O'Neil, Dove, Valentine.

Films: 2024: The Human Hibernation.

Bonus Material

Director’s Statement and Interview

  • Film still from "The Human Hibernation" by Anna Cornudella Castro. It shows a close-up of a crying person lying in a meadow.

    Director’s Statement

    Anna Cornudella on finding a bridge between the society that she proposes in her film and our current society

  • Film still from "The Human Hibernation" by Anna Cornudella Castro. It shows a goat in a kitchen. In front of the goat is an overturned chair. There is dirt on the floor.


    Anna Cornudella in conversation with Christiane Büchner and Anna Hoffmann about her debut film THE HUMAN HIBERNATION

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