August 2013, living archive

This Month's Filmmakers' Choice: Animals in Film

DIE KATZEN DER ATALANTE (Karl Heil, Germany 2013) is based on Jean Vigo's L'ATALANTE (France 1934) and concentrates on scenes in which cats play a role. Drawings, a speaker and a bandoneón arrangement are its key elements. DER FROSCHKÖNIG VON GAZAUPOUY (Ulrike Pfeiffer, 2013) sets out on an aesthetic journey in search of Jacques Demy and confirms Lotte Reiniger's remark that fairy tales contain a greater element of truth than the news. KONTRAPUNKT DER TIERE AUS DEM STEGREIF (2000) by Bärbel Freund and Karl Heil shows how a film score is created. The rehearsals for a musical piece by Adriano Banchieri (1567–1634) by a Berlin choir end in Bologna, the composer's original stamping ground. (Karl Heil) (12.8., presented by Karl Heil with guest Ulrike Pfeiffer)