September 2013, living archive

Living Archive – the Sequel!

The Living Archive project is entering a new phase. One of the most important results so far has been to acquire an impression of the variety of the Arsenal's collection. What was detectable before was only the tip of the iceberg. That's why we continue to present events organized by project participants and other archive researchers and to organize our monthly public screenings. Florian Wüst's "El golpe" event on September 11 is a continuation of his project "“So They Go and Buy – Thoughts on Chilean and West German Films of the Early 1970s". At the upcoming public screening event on September 10 we will be viewing YEAR OF THE WOMEN by Sandra Hochman (USA 1973). And as a third event this month, Vaginal Davis will be presenting an Indian film from the year 1977 as part of her Living Archive project "Rising Stars, Falling Stars - We Must Have Music!". We look forward to making further discoveries with the audience that will not only lead to new cinematographic experiences but also to digitalization, restoration and programming projects.