October 2013, living archive

This Month's Filmmakers' Choice


On October 21 Annika Larsson presents films interrogating the act of seeing - an exploration of found footage, and the refusal of fixed meanings. The program opens with Lutz Mommartz's vividly dancing ABOVE UNDER from 1967, continuing with Stan Brakhage’s poetic investigation of vision and the unconscious through processed murky, unclear images composed from TV, scientific films and cartoons (MURDER PSALM), followed by James Benning’s film YOUTUBE TRILOGY – 4 SONGS, HISTORY AND ASIAN GIRLS, an arrangement of material from YouTube that "...mirrors what is out there, and what is looked at." (James Benning), and a film by Rheim Alkadhi from 2007 SUBTITLES FOR STOLEN PICTURES consisting of appropriated news photos from the war in Iraq, and a story curiously narrated by a dead protagonist. Ending with Ken Jacobs raw and unedited PERFECT FILM, a found film-reel of discarded news coverage of the assassination of Malcolm X.