October 2013, living archive

Living Archive on Tour

Still from Teilweise von mir


Living Archive on Tour: "Serious Ladies" by Susanne Sachsse is showing at the Werkleitz Festival in Halle and at the "Experimenta" in Bangalore. Florian Wüst is also presenting "Teilweise von mir" (Hellmuth Costard, 1972–74) in Halle, which we are currently digitalizing in collaboration with the Deutsche Kinemathek, while Marc Siegel is presenting films by Ludwig Schönherr in Bangalore. The film "Samskara" (Pattabhi Rama Reddy, India 1970) is also opening the Experimenta, its only existing print having been found in the Arsenal archive by Living Archive grantholder Shai Heredia. Florian Zeyfang's video work "Splice 181 To Splice 243 of Splicefilm, 2013, Homage to Birgit and Wilhelm Hein's Weißfilm, 1977" is also showing in the "Views from the Avant-Garde" program of the New York Film Festival.