December 2013, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice: Shortest Day of the Year!


The black sun in the depth of winter – mushrooms lighten the soul: for the third year in a row, we are celebrating the short form on the shortest day of the year. More information can be found at And as it’s soon Christmas: a contemplative journey. Georges Méliès begins the circular dance of transformation. Peter Weiss then enters into the sort of extravagance and feelings that longer require words and have seldom been visually translated in such a complex manner as at a time when all cinematic thought concerned the image itself. The spiritual also meets the more tangible here: a couple having arguments or also a cacophony. Tina turns around and Marie Menkens takes us off into color. Mushrooms in our mouths! Romeo Grünfelder gets a woman to enter the water and the flight of the starlings is a reference to what is coming. And with or without biscuits – there’ll be wine and the evening can get going. Presented by Maike Mia Höhne on December 21.