June 2014, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice

WALDI, 1979/80

Michel Leiner died on 16. March 2014 in Frankfurt am Main. In his memory, Bärbel Freund and Anne Grèzes are presenting WALDI (Reinhard Kahn/Michel Leiner, BRD 1979/80) on June 16. "Robert Walser's "Der Wald", a piece of prose that feigns to be a school essay, which first appeared in a Bern Sunday newspaper in 1903, is the object of this film which intimately and lovingly campaigns for its cause and is wrapped in a flowing lustrous green." (Peter Nau) GENÈSE D’UN REPAS (Genesis of a Meal, Luc Moullet, F 1978) is a comparative economic study about a Senegalese tin of tuna, a French egg, a banana from Ecuador, and about film material from its manufacture to its exploitation.