June 2014, living archive

Vaginal Davis presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music


The next "Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music"-event will take place on June 29. "Whatever the idea is, it's never something you can just tell to another person and be sure that they know what you mean, so … just play the music." That's how the pioneer of free jazz Ornette Coleman put it, and that’s how Shirley Clarke shot ORNETTE: MADE IN AMERICA. It begins with the Skies of America symphony and ends in applause. In between, the former dancer abandons herself to Ornette’s music, his images and his rhythm of life. With William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Buckminster Fuller, Don Cherry, Yoko Ono, Charlie Haden, Robert Palmer, Jayne Cortez, John Rockwell and many others. Miss Davis, who will introduce the film, invites the audience to a post-screening reception. As always followed by drinks and music.