July 2014, living archive

Living Archive: New Guest participants

Living Archive continues to receive support from the Goethe-Institut in the form of a grant program. We are looking forward to welcoming four new guest participants in July and August. We start off by receiving Jaqueline Beltrame and Gustavo Spolidoro from Brazil, who co-founded the Festival Cine Esquema Novo in Porto Alegre in 2003. The festival is aimed at following tendencies in contemporary image production and is thus to open to film screenings, installation work as well as new forms of audiovisual production, an agenda that fills a gap in the Brazilian cultural landscape. For this year's Cine Esquema Novo program in November, they will be heading into the Arsenal archive to see what they can find. On July 25, they will be providing insights into their festival work and presenting a selection of their research work together short films by Gustavo Spolidoro at Arsenal cinema. Lara Khaldi und Yazan Khalili (Forum Expanded 2012) come to Berlin via the Goethe-Institut in Ramallah. On August 19, they present their new lecture performance as a work in progress. They are researching films in the Arsenal archive to this end which link to the futuristic scenario of "Love Letters to Mars": a 2026 Mars mission creates an irreparable rift between two lovers regarding the question of whether the Earth should be saved or new societies and colonies founded on other planets. The exact program for both events will be announced shortly beforehand.

DE VOLTA AO QUARTO 666 (Back to Room 666), Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil 2008, OV/EnS, 15 min
What is the future of cinema? In 1982, in Cannes, Wim Wenders invited many film makers to answer this question for the film CHAMBRE 666. 26 years later, the question remains, but Wenders is now on the other side of the camera.

INICIO DO FIM (The Beginning of the End), Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil 2005, without dialogue, 7 min
A man gives up.

AOS SONHOS QUE ME RESTAM – EPISÓDIO 2 “GOD“ (To the Dreams That Remain With Me), Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil 2013, OV/EnS, 2 min
Waking up is never the same. The mass! The mass! The mass!

TRIANGULUM, Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn, Germany/Egypt/Brazil 2008, OV/GeS, 22 min
On the edge of the abyss a troupe of three meets faith, who appears in the form of a young woman. They are transported to an eastern metropolis, not knowing where to go or what to do. Random signs lead each one of them on a different journey.

PSYCHIC TEQUILA TAROT, Isabell Spengler, USA/Germany 1998, OV, 24 min
The film PSYCHIC TEQUILA TAROT illustrates the problem of conformity and works the philosophy of human will into a radical parable: feminine wish fulfillment as talent and sickness.

HOME STORIES, Matthias Müller, Germany 1991, without dialogue, 6 min
A collage of Hollywood melodramas of the 1950s and 1960s, filmed directly from the television set. A choreography of movements and gestures. “oh lana turner we love you get up.” (Frank O’Hara, Poem) 

THE YELLOW SEQUENCE (NORMAL LOVE ADDENDUM REEL), Jack Smith, USA 1963, without dialogue, 20 min
THE YELLOW SEQUENCE consists of shots of the future cult entertainer Tiny Tim and the drag performer Francis Francine. Allegedly conceived as part of NORMAL LOVE, this dazzling sequence is what remains of the reconstructed version of the film.