August 2014, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice: "Still Life" and "At Land"

At the centre of this month's program presented by Sabine Schöbel on August 11 are Maya Deren's AT LAND (USA 1944) and Jenny Okun's STILL LIFE (USA 1976). A whole network of central questions on film aesthetics and narration can be generated from these two classics of experimental film history, into which other short works can then be inserted: those of Christine Noll Brinckmann, who has published comprehensive texts on both films, DER FATER and STIEF, LUPINEN LÖSCHEN by Sabine Schöbel, BERTHA'S CHILDREN by Grahame Weinbren and Roberta Friedman, Pat O'Neill's FOREGROUNDS and Margret Tait's PORTRAIT OF GA. The themes include time and "physical reality", structural film and painting, the three ages of life, a female aesthetic and the identity of the female artist.