August 2014, living archive

Living Archive / Curators in Residence: Lara Khaldi and Yazan Khalili

Still from The Sky on Location


This month we are welcoming Lara Khaldi and Yazan Khalili in the framework of Living Archive at Arsenal Cinema. They are in Berlin with the support of the Goethe-Institut Ramallah. On August 19 they will talk about their new lecture performance "Love letters to Mars". For one month they have been researching films in the Arsenal archive which link to the futuristic scenario of their lecture performance: a 2026 Mars mission creates an irreparable rift between two lovers regarding the question of whether the Earth should be saved or new societies and colonies founded on other planets. Utopia and starting over are two of the central themes. In Arsenal’s archive they became interested in the Latvian film 235.000.000 by Uldis Braus, Biruta Veldre and Laima Schurgina from 1966 and Babette Mangoltes THE SKY ON LOCATION (USA 1982).

Tuesday, August 19, 7 pm, Arsenal Cinema 2
Curators in Residence: Lara Khaldi and Yazan Khalili

235.000.000 by Uldis Brauns, Biruta Veldre, Laima Schurgina, Latvia 1966, OV/EnS, 73 min
THE SKY ON LOCATION by Babette Mangolte, USA 1982, OV, 77 min

Capturing a caleidoscope of faces and situations, the film 235.000.000, free of propaganda and the imposition of ideals, revisits the Soviet Union during the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. A work of extraordinary energy that places side by side the new and the old, the frenzy and the calm, that which is distant and that which is near, thereby unmasking the nature of this enormous country. (Festival dei Popoli)

Babette Mangolte directs the attention to landscapes of the American West in THE SKY ON LOCATION. The film captures the mood of the landscape and attempts to construct a geography of the land from North to South, East to West and season-to-season through colors instead of maps. "The elemental vicissitudes of the weather, the exact moment of the day, the color of the light and the soil and the trees form an acute visual record of the constantly changing mood of the landscape." (Ernest Larsen)