December 2014, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice: "Wonderfully rescued by the forces of good..."

STARE, 1991

On December 21 Maike Mia Höhne is presenting another programme as part of our monthly series Filmmakers' Choice. "Wonderfully rescued by the forces of good, we confidently await what may come". Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote this poem in December 1944 in prison, faced with a finality that he met with generosity and hope. It is a chain of emotional associations that provides the framework for this evening: solitude, hope, power, necessity, calmness, light. From the abstraction of light and rhythm in ABSTRONIC (M.E. Bute, USA 1952/54) via the poem and the question of sorting memory in COLOUR POEMS (M. Tait, United Kingdom 1974), to the uncle's village in A LETTER TO UNCLE BOONMEE (A. Weerasethakul, Thailand/United Kingdom/Germany 2009), that stands for the Thai army's hunt for communists from 1960–80. Peter Weiss shot STUDIE IV – BEFREIUNG (Sweden 1954), the title is the program here. In all this destruction, the light of world remains – therefore once again Karl Kels' STARE (Germay 1991), that expands the sky via movement.