March 2015, living archive

This Month's Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music!


In our monthly series showing musical highlights from the Arsenal's archive Vaginal Davis will be presenting PARUTHIVEERAN (Ameer Sulthan, India 2007) on March 8: In rural southern India, Muthazhagu is fixated on marrying her cousin who saved her life as a child. However, Paruthiveeran takes pleasure in prostitutes, falls into conflict with the law and behaves in a standoffish way. When he finally asks Muthazhagu for her hand, the families who are from different castes, provoke a tragic argument. The villagers are also swept away by the family feud, like the loud activities of their religious festivities. With explosive colors and dazzling music, which are more experimental than in India's Bollywood cinema, it gives an insight into rural life in Tamil Nadu.