April 2015, living archive

Filmmakers' choice: "La nacíon clandestina"


The next Filmmakers' choice event will be presented by Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn on April 20: Jorge Sanjinés (born in 1936) co-founded the film collective UKAMAU in 1962. LA NACIÓN CLANDESTINA (The Secret Nation, Bolivia 1989) examines the main themes of his work, which lend the film its unique narrative: The worldview of the Aymara people, who perceive time to be circular and consider themselves as having a collective identity; the conflicts between the indigenous people and the powers-that-be, and above all the identity problems portrayed by the protagonist Sebastian Mamani, someone who rejects his origins but at the same time is not accepted by another culture and therefore gets lost.


(20.4., presented by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn)