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Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music! in July


The next Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music! presented by film expert Vaginal Davis is on July 26: Broken promises, repressed passions, and untimely deaths ensnare two families in a tragic labyrinth of spiritual obsession. THE DYBBUK (Michał Waszyński, Poland 1937) is the adaptation of 
S. Ansky’s 1917 play of the same name. Shot entirely in Yiddish with the biggest Jewish talents in Polish film, the musical shows the cultural wealth of Shtetl life and Polish Jewry shortly before the Second World War in a series of exquisite music and dance numbers. Film critic Parker Tyler called the film one of "the most celebratory records of the mythical power of the spirit that imagination has ever committed to celluloid." Followed by drinks and music as always.