July 2015, living archive

Vaginal Davis Presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars – We Must Have Music!

KOLGA, 1964

On August 30, Vaginal Davis presents a musical short film program of films from the 60s: alongside an episode of US television show SHINDIG, a musical revue in which Sam Cooke also performs, and the Polish animation film DWA KONCERTY (Two Concerts, Wacław Wajser, Poland 1966), which attempts to visualize music, two films by Georgian director Micheil Kobachidze are also being shown: KORTSILI (The Wedding USSR 1964) plays with social and musical conventions – including those of chanson singer Charles Aznavour – and KOLGA (The Umbrella, USSR 1967), in which an dancing umbrella carries out mischief. As always, the program will be rounded off with music and drinks in Kino 2.