April 2016, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice in April: "Corpos & Cosmos"


The next edition of Filmmakers' choice is presented by Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn on April 12: Their selection "Corpos & Cosmos" shows a pulsating filmic body from works which examine moments of intimacy and desire and reveal the diversity of identities that inhabit us. In CHINESE CHECKERS and PÁTIO the game of seduction between two characters leads to a filmic form. A seductive camera in IN THE GRASS follows a masked woman on a meadow, while video images that have been transposed to film create an ethereal relationship between two contrasting women in DREAMS OF A VIRGIN. Visions of beauty follow each other in SLEEPY HAVEN and FIREWORKS and create a dreamlike atmosphere. CONNECTION and MOON PLAY feature footage of celestial bodies that enchant us with their dance and light.