June 2016, living archive

Rising Stars, Falling Stars: Sweet 16 mm Never Been Kissed

Vaginal Davis (Foto: Lucius Barre)

Rising Stars, Falling Stars has had a makeover: After eight years, the next event on June 5 takes place for the first time in the domed hall of the silent green Kulturquartier in Wedding. As always, our film history expert Vaginal Davis and her pianist Daniel Hendrickson will select hidden treasures from Arsenal’s archive. The two will present them to the audience and reveal detailed insider information about the way the films, which have never been screened in public, were produced and received. Ms Davis will concentrate on the slim, quick and light format, which for decades allowed filmmakers to intrude into nooks and crannies without having to heed the rules set by the big cinema industry - 16 mm. Arsenal's collection is home to thousands of pearls.

To impart a sense of their variety, Vaginal Davis will begin with a selection of shorts featuring rabbits, goldfish and lemmings, a pan shot that crosses a bedroom, an early work about gentrification featuring a new commentary by Ms Davis herself, who has also managed to smuggle her own work into the program: FRAU UNTER EINFLUSS (2001). Behind the doors of the domed hall is the bar of the neighboring MOOS restaurant, which will be open on the evening. 

With films by Kenneth Anger, Chantal Akerman, W.C. Fields, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vaginal Davis and Sharon Sandusky.