April 2017, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice: African mirror images and mirages


The next edition of our series Filmmakers' Choice will be presented by Felipe Bragança on April 26: Two films about the projections and representations of traumatic moments in the relationship between the African continent and Europe's colonial policy and violence. ESCAPE FROM MY EYES (Felipe Bragança, Brasil/Germany 2015) is about a group of African refugees in Berlin in 2013. MUEDA – MEMÓRIA E MASSACRE (Ruy Guerra, Mozambique 1979) is the dramatic representation and documentation of one of the most violent moments in Mozambican history. Made by the Brazilian- Mozambican director Ruy Guerra, MUEDA, which combines re-enacted scenes with interviews, is considered the first feature film to be made in independent Mozambique. Both films try in different ways to achieve a feeling of memory through their characters' contemporary reinterpretations.