June 2017, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice – Odyssey and cosmic resonance


The next Filmmakers' Choice is presented by Lucile Desamory on June 26: In Luc Moullet's LA CABALE DES OURSINS, abandoned strip mines appear next to volcanoes and pyramids. The director cum pataphysical cartographer creates a wasteland of the secret paths through his childhood memories. Opinions as to what is considered a historical monument, a magnificent natural landscape or industrial waste vary. I'm interested in the moment when the shift occurs, the "in-between" and its emotional consequences. CORPUS CALLOSUM (Michael Snow) combines the realism of a normal metamorphosis in credible "real" inner spaces with "impossible" changes of form. In both films, the shift is a physical place, a fissure: a place of entrancement. Both films take the viewers to the equilibrium point between shifting modes of perception.