December 2018, living archive

This Month's Filmmakers’ Choice


Of parents and networks. Of looking back and of the present. 21.12. – Le jour le plus court – the day of short films and three days before Christmas. The question of the parent may be asked. Where are they, were they, will they be? How much dissent is allowed and desired, or even possible? How much of a coming together can be made to happen? The program narrates presence and absence, great longing and radical breaks. Ingmar Bergman, after having nine children and hearing that he apparently wasn’t a family guy, wrote of his longing for togetherness as follows: “I have a prayer that I repeat to myself in absolute stillness: May a wind come to stir up the ocean and the stifling twilight. May a bird come from water out there and explode the silence with its call.” The call for everyday life on the island! Presented by Maike Mia Höhne.