October 2015, living archive

Filmmakers' Choice: 
AUTOPSY – A Process of Knowing


In Greek, the word "autopsy" means "to see with your own eyes". This film program, which is presented by Annika Larsson on October 19, is dedicated to three works that involve us in the act of seeing, films that make us their witnesses. Positioned somewhere between documentary, fiction, experiment, and portrait, they defy such standard categories as authentic or false, true or constructed. The program begins with Peter Weiss' und Hans Nordenström's once-censored political documentary about a youth detention facility in Uppsala from 1957, followed by Yoko Ono's one-minute slowed-down EYE BLINK (1966), before coming to a close with Shirley Clarke's PORTRAIT OF JASON (1966), which Clarke described as "two hours of real time, not film time".