August 2018, living archive

Public Screening: re-selected: 1969 ff.

LIPANJSKA GIBANJA (Želimir Žilnik 1968)

Another public screening with prints from the archives of Arsenal and the Oberhausen Short Film Festival as part of Archive außer sich: re-selected takes place on August 14. “It must be this film which led them to categorize me as a political filmmaker”. In 1981, Dietrich Schubert recapitulated in a film why he was watched by the state for years. The trail leads to another film and into the year 1968. The program follows this referencing of the past, but places the tipping point one year earlier. If nearly all film festivals had been called off in 1968, it would only have been possible to see the following year whether the protests would actually change cinema. Films by Dietrich Schubert, Franz Winzentsen, Želimir Žilnik, Jan Švankmajer, Bill Hindle and László Lugossy from the 25th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in 1969 allow this year to appear in more differentiated fashion than platitudes of “wild ‘68” suggest.