The Fifth Wall: Navina Sundaram, a digital archive

pong film presents: The Fifth Wall: Navina Sundaram, a digital archive
with: Mareike Bernien, Merle Kröger
Sep 5, 2021 16:00 Arsenal Cinema, free admission, in German language

“Tonight, when the two astronauts land on the moon, millions of television viewers will watch them, and it’s basically exactly as far away as Vietnam, on the other side of the living room: the fifth wall.” (Navina Sundaram, letter to her parents, July 21, 1969) 

The doors of public service broadcasting in Germany open up. Behind them lies an immeasurable treasure of educational material, historical documents, film history. In order to make this treasure accessible to a diverse public, we need models for future archival practices. “The Fifth Wall” brings together films, reports, announcements, texts, letters, and photos by the filmmaker and editor Navina Sundaram, from her more than 40 years of work in television. The focal point here is Sundaram, a writer with a journalistic approach to her work: on internationalism and decolonization, on questions of class, racism, immigration, and on Indian and German politics. Extracted from the archives of the NDR and WDR as well as from Sundaram’s private archive, “The Fifth Wall” is a curated look at German migration and media history. 

Link to the website (in German only):