#1 Naum Kleemann

Eisenstein Archive, Moscow; Director of the Moscow State Central Cinema Museum
Date of recording: 22.2.2012
Language: German with English subtitles

DOLGIJE PROWODY (Lange Abschiede / The Long Farewell, Kira Muratowa, Soviet Union 1971)
KOROTKIJE WSTRETSCHI (Kurze Begegnungen / Brief Encounters, Kira Muratowa, Soviet Union 1967)
DWA-BULDI-DWA (Zwei-Buldi-Zwei / TWO-BULDI-TWO, Lev Kuleshov, Soviet Union 1929)

Kira Muratowa; Odessa; she was under 'occupational ban' and worked as a cleaning lady; forbidden film; sensing a lack of freedom; Russian director of Romanian descent; unknown Soviet films in Berlin; Lev Kuleshov; TWO-BULDI-TWO; film was criticized as petit bourgeois; Gosfilmofon.