La verifica incerta

Lecture by Harun Farocki (Forum Expanded 2012) ©Jane Katharina Di Renzo

LA VERIFICA INCERTA, Gianfranco Baruchello, Alberto Grifi, Italy 1965, 16mm, 31 min

LA VERIFICA INCERTA is a montage of scraps from different films of various genres. When watching it for the first time, it becomes clear just how strict the rules of genre actually are. A Western can certainly include a bathing scene, but it's not allowed to look like it would in a holiday film, while it's fine for there to be a shootout in a holiday film provided it doesn’t look like one from a thriller or war film and so on.
LA VERIFICA INCERTA edits together its material in an elegant and polemic manner, with the shot/countershot technique being cheerfully dismantled in the process.
LA VERIFICA INCERTA is a precursor to the many other works which also re-edit films. It is worth investigating how something new is able to emerge from material compiled in such a way as well as how the materials themselves are still able to retain some sort of intrinsic value.

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