NOW! (Compressed)

A Copy in Motion
A show by participants of the "lensbased class" at UdK Berlin facilitated by Hito Steyerl

The show focusses on a legendary Third Cinema short film: NOW! by Santiago Alvarez. Compiled in 1965 from borrowed news reel materials, NOW! became known both as the first DIY music video and pirate agit prop clip. The show asks it´s relevance today, in a digital era in which images and sound have become ever more mobile, ripping, remix and collective production have become common tools of communication. The works revolve around the journey of the sounds and images used in Now! and project their trajectories into the future. Dealing with the archive becomes part of the production of the contemporary.

Participating artists: Hanna Bergfors, Alice Escher, Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze, Vincent Grunwald, Candice Jee, Lennart Krauss, Kornelia Kugler, Paida Larsen, Boaz Levin, Mikk Madissen, Coralina Meyer, Bettina Mooshammer, Mehi Park, Gianluigi Scarpa, Lena Siebertz, Lea Sövsö, Bärbel Trautwein, Nina Wiesnagrotzki, Franziska Wildt, Anna Zett.

Curators: Vincent Grunwald, Nina Wiesnagrotzki, Leon Kahane, Boaz Levin, The Reading Group.
Contributors to book: Pernille Lystlund, Anna Zett, Hito Steyerl and many others.

You can find a documentation of all works including the video works on the blog "NOW! (Extended)".

Biography of Hito Steyerl