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9. – 30. June on arsenal 3.

GÖLGE, which means “shadow,” is not only the name of this film’s female protagonist, but also describes her state. She stands in the shadows of the cramped apartment that she shares with her parents and sister. The heavy furniture, dark walls and lack of  sunlight mean that the apartment doesn’t function as a protective home. Instead, it is more of an additional character – a noisy one, an entity that hems in every member of the family, even when they struggle against it. This makes the moments when mother and daughter are able to convince Gölge’s strict father to let Gölge go out in the evening all the lighter.
But even on the streets of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood, Gölge is not at peace. The curious neighbours, also part of the so-called first generation of Turkish guest workers, won’t leave her in peace. At school and during her first shy encounters with young men, the protagonist finds herself exoticised. Nowhere does she feel accepted for who she actually is. She only sees a way out in her daydreams of studying acting. Until Gölge senses constraints there too. (Biene Pilavci)

Sofoklis Adamidis, born in 1944 in Greece.  He studied stage design, philosophy, theatre and philology before going on to study directing. Sofoklis Adamidis is deceased; the exact year of his death is unknown.

Sema Poyraz, born in 1950 in Zonguldak, Turkey. She studied Oriental studies and theatre before going on to study directing. She is a freelance author, director and actor. She has been a permanent ensemble member of the Gorki Theater in Berlin since 2019.

Production Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin(DFFB), Sender Freies Berlin (SFB).  Written and directed by Sofoklis Adamidis, Sema Poyraz. Cinematography Sofoklis Adamidis, Asil Başyildiz. Editing Thomas Balkenhol, Eduard Gernart, Matthias V. Gunten Music Johannes Liebau. Sound Nana Gravesen, Hanjo Breddermann. Production manager Joachim Rothe, Hans Willy Müller. With Semra Uysal, Yüksel Topçugürler,Birgül Topçugürler,Fatos Alkan,Asil Başyildiz,Hans Jörg Golz,Ülkü Alkan,Selim Alkan,Michael Fritsche,Yıldız Saraç-Fritsche.

Films Sofoklis Adamidis: 1977: Ana Bekhair (Ko-directed by Jibril Awad, 65 Min.); Kleiner schwarzer Fisch (Ko-directed by Sema Poyraz). 1980: Gölge (Ko-directed by Sema Poyraz, 97 Min.). 1981: Turda – ein Alltag (Ko-directed by Sema Poyraz, 40 Min.).
Films Sema Poyraz: 1977: Der kleine schwarze Fisch (Ko-directed by Sofoklis Adamidis, 25 Min.); Heute Homberg – morgen Du (Ko-directed by Peter Petrides). 1980: Gölge (Ko-directed by Sofoklis Adamidis, 90 Min.). 1981: Turdag (Ko-directed by Sofoklis Adamidis, 50 Min.). 1985: Stille Nacht im fremden Land (Ko-directed by Monika Schmid, 30 Min.). 1986: Überwindbare Hindernisse (90 Min.). 1987: Halbmond und Preußenadler (45 Min.); Selbstbilder – Fremdbilder (90 Min.). 1988: Die Türhüter (30 Min.). 1991: Alles beim Alten (27 Min.);  Zurück unter den Schleier (28 Min.). 1992: Im Herzen ein fernes Ziel (25 Min.) 1993: Oda  (12 Min.). 1997: Amour en guerre (52 Min.).

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