February 2014, transfer

Think:Film No.2

23 AUGUST 2008 by Laura Mulvey, Faysal Abdullah, Mark Lewis

Unter dem Titel Entitled What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is? the ninth edition of Forum Expanded presents the conference Think:Film No. 2 in collaboration with the Alliance Cultural Foundation at the Berlinische Galerie on February 12 and 13. Gallery, museum, theater, or cinema – the discussion about the relationship of film to the other arts is largely oriented around notions of space and place. Where does a film come from and where is it shown? The question is posed not only in regard to the artistic surroundings, but also to national affiliations. Hybrid forms, transna- tional co-productions, historical and political shifts open the question up to new meanings.

In his opening talk Vinzenz Hediger looks at the term 'world cinema' and systems of classification based on location. Tarek Elhaik, Jahman Anikulapo, and Viola Shafik discuss productions of meaning against the backdrop of the regional and genre-specific organization of cinema and art. In her video Rania Stephan reflects on the difficulty of conducting an interview, while the Syrian writer and activist Samar Yazbek speaks about writing and images, life and death in the time of revolution, and the experience of exile. Laura Mulvey, in a video made with Mark Lewis and Faysal Abdullah, chooses the talking head sit- uation to approach the problem of the representability of fatal state violence. She will be joined in discussion by Gertrud Koch. Gregor Stemmrich, Henriette Huldisch, and Jörn Schafaff discuss the term heterotopia, asking what happens when terms turn up in different locations. Here the lo- cations are cultural-political ones, such as the art or film world, including the academic positionings implied by them. Heinz Emigholz and Bettina Steinbrügge ex- pand this through a discussion of the experience of space in architecture and film. Ala Younis leads us into the invisible. What happens when a film is projected in the desert without a screen? Heba Amin and Malak Helmy work with audio recordings that conjure up their images, while Maha Maamoun eavesdropps on lovers in a park. In a panel about queer spaces, Marc Siegel, Roy Dib, Renate Lorenz, and Nanna Heidenreich connect geopolitics, desire and social practices. Cinémathèques are considered to be the places that provide cinema’s sustainability. They are clearly localizable, yet they always had the task of creating access to other worlds. Between festival culture and the internet, they seem to be disappearing, but their task to facilitate films is greater than ever. The Cinémathèque de Tanger, the Cimatheque – Alternative Film Center Cairo, the Film Society of Lincoln Center in NYC, and the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin exchange their experiences. Following a closing discussion the THINK:FILM AWARD will be given for the first time, in association with the Allianz Cultural Foundation. The Award includes presen- tations in Berlin and Cairo with a public presentation of the awarded work. The hosts are the Arsenal and its partner institution, the Cimatheque – Alternative Film Center Cairo.

All panels, talks and presentations in English language

Wednesday, 12.2.2014, Berlinische Galerie

12:30 Opening

13:00 Vinzenz Hediger: What Do We Know When We Know Where Something Is? World Cinema and the Question of Spatial Ordering

13:30 Tarek Elhaik: Post-Mexican Assemblages

14:30 Jahman Oladejo Anikulapo: Nollywood - Exploding the myth of a people‘s cinema

15:00 Viola Shafik: Notes on Arab Cinema

15:30 Roundtable with the speakers. Moderator: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Anselm Franke

17:30 Counter Narratives 1: Samar Yazbek Interviewed by Rania Stephan (Lebanon 2013, 35') followed by a conversation with Rania Stephan and Irit Neidhardt on filming and writing.

19:00 Counter Narratives 2: 23rd August 2008 (Laura Mulvey, Faysal Abdullah, Mark Lewis, UK/Canada 2013,22') followed by Laura Mulvey and Gertrud Koch in conversation

Thursday, 13.2.2014, Berlinische Galerie

11:00 Heterotopias 1: What happens to terms and definitions when they appear in another place? Gregor Stemmrich and Henriette Huldisch in conversation. Moderator: Jörn Schafaff

12:00 Heterotopias 2: "All architecture is what you do to it when you look upon it." (Walt Whitman) Heinz Emigholz in conversation with Bettina Steinbrügge

13:00 Ala Younis: Invisible Film. Followed by a conversation with Heba Amin and Maha Maamoun

14:30 Politics of Queer Spaces. Marc Siegel, Roy Dib and Renate Lorenz in conversation with Nanna Heidenreich

15:45 Manifesto for a new Cinematheque Bouchra Khalili, Dennis Lim, Tamer El Said, Birgit Kohler, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

17:00 Wrap up with the participants and Forum Expanded partners /book launch: POSITIONEN Arabische Welt, commissioned by Goethe-Institut and Akademie der Künste

Followed by Think: Film Award Ceremony
(Jury: Mohamed Beshir, Marcel Schwierin, Ala Younis)