February 2017, transfer

Big cinema, small cinema #10


Our program begins and ends with music that inspires courage. In Les Blanks film, THE SUNS GONNA SHINE (USA 1975), the Blues musician LightninHopkins talks about how he decided at the age of eight to stop picking cotton and instead to sing. In SOMMERREGEN (G 1995), the eight-year-old Franz von Lucke filmed daily life in the garden and magic tricks in the playground. DOKTOR DOLITTLE UND SEINE TIERE (G 1928) is a silhouette film featuring many monkeys that was made by the famous Lotte Reiniger. NEW YORK NEAR SLEEP FOR SASKIA (USA 1972) a silent black and white movie by Peter Hutton surprises because of its montage. Theo Thiesmeier's MY LINE (D 2000) is a music clip featuring his son Ernie. (ua)
A program for everyone aged 7 and above, presented by Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers. (26.2.)