April 2017, transfer

Arsenal Filmatelier: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #12


The next Arsenal film atelier "City rhythms" for children 8 years and older will take place on April 30, moderated by Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz. City as a place of life is a popular film motif. It is sometimes depicted as being friendly, often as hostile and full of rejection, but almost always as fascinating. Our four short films show clearly how different city portraits can be and how a city's movement can be captured. In VORMITTAGSSPUK (Hans Richter, Germany 1928), objects (hats, cups, collars etc) become independent and rebel against people and daily routines. In SCHATTEN (BRD 1960), Hans-Jürgen Pohland tells the story of a city with light and darkness. WOCHENENDE (Walter Ruttmann, Germany 1930) uses found sound material to talk about the metropolis Berlin. DIE SPRACHE DER STADT (2016) makes a similar attempt when 15 children set out one afternoon with their cameras to see what is going on in the city. After the screening, viewers will have a chance to create their own city panoramas, using expressive shadows.