October 2017, transfer

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #14
Transport, Tools, Work, Play: 
Children's Film by Harun Farocki


In the 70s, Harun Farocki made films for children, frequently in collaboration with Hartmut Bitomsky. Taking the phenomena of the world as their starting point, the films focus on forms of transport and transport routes such as trains, ships, roads, bridges, and rivers with noticeable frequency. They also show children’s toys and tools being compared with those used by adults: a stone, for example, with which a child can knock a nail into a piece of wood is contrasted with a pneumatic hammer on a building site and a machine in a factory. Farocki’s precise observation create visible connections between the things strewn across the world and conveys a vivid picture of complex contexts. Following the film screening, the children grapple with what they have seen in creative fashion. (October 15, for children 5+, moderatad by Stefanie Schlüter and Brigitta Wagner)