March 2018, transfer

Big cinema, small cinema #19 Do animals look back too?


Our next event for children and adults aged 5 and above takes place on March 18. People like looking at animals: At the zoo, in the circus and in the cinema. This program centers on experimental and early films where animals are the main attraction. In CATFILM FOR KATY AND CYNNIE (USA 1973), felines are the protagonists of an artistic experiment. In ENNESKEABEN (Denmark 1909) and HUNDE-VARIETÉ (France 1907) performing animals show what they can do: A chimpanzee rides a bicycle on stage and costumed dogs dance. In ÜBUNG ZUR GELASSENHEIT I–III (2002–2004) nobody takes any notice of the holy cows that sit and relax on busy roads in the jungle of big Indian cities. In LA GENETTE (France 1912) and TROIS AMIS (France 1909), people get closer to animals in the wild. A genet plunders a bird’s nest and blunders into a trap. Two children in an African country feed a small elephant that chases them away. We look at animals in so many ways, but do they look back?