February 2020, transfer

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #34: Playing with masks

After a motive from THE MASQUERADER (Charles Chaplin, USA 1914), drawing: Anna Faroqhi

The next event as part of our series for children takes place on February 16, for all those aged 5 and above: Sometimes life is wild and spectacular at the theater and cinema. Actors dress up and become magical beings. Women become butterfly women in Segundo de Chomóns LES PAPILLONS JAPONAIS (France 1908), artistes rise out from tiny boxes in a marvelous way in MAGIC BRICKS (France 1902) by the Pathé brothers. In ROSALIE DANSEUSE (France 1912) by Roméo Bosetti and THE MASQUERADER (USA 1914) by Charles Chaplin misadventurers achieve their goal humorously by disguising themselves with masks and costumes. Afterwards, there will be a chance to make masks and perform together. The composer and pianist Eunice Martins will provide live accompaniment.