November 2013, arsenal cinema

UdK Seminar: plan-séquence/performative/tableau vivant


The UdK-Seminar run by Stefanie Gaus and Madeleine Bernstorff explores the theatrical qualities of people and objects in the cinematographic action of plan-séquence and the framing of the tableau vivant. From Michael Snow's "philosophical toy"WAVELENGTH to Chantal Akerman's moving still-life LA CHAMBRE to the end of a strike condensed into one plan-séquence in LA REPRISE DU TRAVAIL … the films express very specific internal/external movements. In her trip through Paris, Marguerite Duras evokes LES MAINS NEGATIVES in prehistoric caves, surface and perspective converge in Ernie Gehr's SERENE VELOCITY and in A & B IN ONTARIO Joyce Wieland's and Hollis Frampton's cameras engage in a duel. (Supposed) continuity and discontinuity, as well as the image, which considers its own torpor – an open search. (6., 13., & 21.11.)