October 2018, arsenal cinema

Digitally Restored and New in Distribution: STORIES OF THE DUMPSTER KID (West Germany 1971) by Ula Stöckl und Edgar Reitz


“The Stories of the Dumpster Kid are a cineaste revolution for our country.” (Peter W. Jansen, Die Zeit, 23.7.1971) The dumpster kid, an anarchic, antisocial, artificial character, grows out of a thrown-away placenta and learns inquisitively what is expected of her and much more. She is misunderstood, rubs people up the wrong way, is punished, discredited, murdered, and yet still can’t be killed. With the 22 short films of different lengths, Stöckl and Reitz positioned themselves outside the cinema system in radical fashion. They turned a Munich cabaret theater into a “pub-cum-cinema” where the guests could order individual Dumpster Kid episodes from a menu. In this way, a unique film experience was created each time by the new combination of the stories.

With this idea in mind, the STORIES OF THE DUMPSTER KID are going on a “pub-cum-cinema” tour right across the country from October 11 onwards, also visiting places which are hardly classical cinema venues. Pubs, arts associations, small stages, and other unusual spaces can host these anarchic stories, which are full of anger and critique, but above all fun and joy too. The tour starts at the Arsenal “pub-cum-cinema” at silent green Kulturquartier on October 11. Tickets can be bought at the evening box office or in advance at the Arsenal box office at standard cinema prices. (gk)