March 2018, berlinale forum

New Visions Award for "Wild Relatives" at CPH:DOX

WILD RELATIVES by Jumana Manna has received the New Visions Award at Copenhagen's Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX. The film which premiered in this year's Forum programme, loosely links together different narratives and biographies in Lebanon, Syria and Norway, opening up a space to reflect on biodiversity, resilience, global justice and climate change, as well as disasters caused by human hand and the ambivalent efforts made to overcome them.

The jury states:
“In a diverse selection of New:Vision-ary works in which Nature is understood both as Presence and the Present that defines us, the New:Vision jury has selected an ambitious work of non-fiction that draws a multi-dimensional Venn Diagram in which disparate geographies, contemporary geo-politics and Agro-Feminism intersects in the form of a cinematic seed pod. For its optimism, empathy, and agility in engaging with the present, the New:Vision Award goes to Wild Relatives.”

The New:Vision jury consisted of Merete Jankowski, Artistic Director of Overgaden, (Denmark), Marta Ponsa, Head of Artistic Development and Cultural Action at Jeu de Paume (France), and Ben Russell, Filmmaker, (United Kingdom).

The nominated films for New:Vision Award 2018 present experiments in the area between documentary and artistic reflection.

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