November 2018, berlinale forum

Grand Prix for "Classical Period" in Belfort

CLASSICAL PERIOD by Ted Fendt picked up the main award of the International Film Festivals in Belfort. The film received its world premiere at this year's Forum. "CLASSICAL PERIOD is a long, circling conversation around, away from, and back to an 1864 translation of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. The translation is by Henry Longfellow, its endnotes are copious, the result of an over twenty-year engagement with the book. The film presents a portrait of Cal, a friend since a decade, and some friends of ours. It is also a chance to record some places important to me: my grandmother’s house in South Philadelphia, the upstairs room of my friend Michael Carwile’s apartment. People meet in sun-filled rooms, on street corners at dawn, and in shadowy apartments – their status as characters in a fiction always being thrown off-kilter by a camera and a microphone whose gaze and ears linger in a grey zone between objectivity and subjectivity." (Ted Fendt)

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