February 2019, berlinale forum

Forum Repeat Screenings

As always, the Arsenal Cinema will be screening a selection of this year's Forum titles over the coming week: BAIT by Mark Jenkin, FERN VON UNS (Far From Us) by Laura Bierbrauer and Verena Kuri, FOURTEEN by Dan Sallitt, MAN YOU (Vanishing Days) by Zhu Xin, NOS DÉFAITES (Our Defeats) by Jean-Gabriel Périot, OLANDA by Bernd Schoch and SO PRETTY by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli.

Monday 18.2.

19.15: BAIT(Mark Jenkin, OmU, 88')  

21.00: MAN YOU (Vanishing Days, Zhu Xin, OmE, 94')

Tuesday, 19.2.

19.00: FERN VON UNS (Far from Us, Laura Bierbrauer, Verena Kuri, OmU, 75')

20:30: OLANDA(Bernd Schoch, OmE, 154 min)

Wednesday, 20.2.

19.00:  FOURTEEN(Dan Sallitt, OV, 94')

21.00: SO PRETTY(Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli, OmU, 83')

Thursday, 21.2.

21.00: NOS DÉFAITES (Our Defeats, Jean-Gabriel Périot, OmE, 94')

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