Zur Bauweise des Films bei Griffith

On Construction in Griffith’s Film

Harun Farocki

Germany 2006

09.02.-19.02 daily 12:00-19:00, Thursdays until 21:00

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A sequence by Griffith from 1916's "Intolerance". There are numerous forms of montage: naturally, the wide shot, the varying camera angles, shot-reverse angle, parallel montage, leaps in time across many decades. But one sequence is especially notable. It causes one to think that with it, the shot-reverse angle form of expression was invented. Or that it's meant to empha­size, through repeated affiliation, something one wasn't yet sure of. This sequence is like one of those animals that only exist to provide an example for the correct­ness of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. But cinematic Darwinism is neither right nor wrong.


Dual-channel video installation, color, loop