Down There

Chantal Akerman

France/Belgium 2006

15.02. 19:00 Delphi Filmpalast (Eng. subtitles)
16.02. 15:45 CinemaxX 3 (Eng. subtitles)
17.02. 12:30 Arsenal 1 (Eng. subtitles)

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A short stay in an apartment in Tel Aviv, not far from the sea. Is normal life possible here? Are images pos­sible here? A film without the slightest intention – except to be without intention, so that something can become visible or possibly happen. "I have never desired to make a film in Israel. I was afraid I would burn my fingers and my reason. I was afraid my subjectivity was an obstacle, dangerous, and confused in relation to this theme. There is no neutrality; it could only be feigned. When I make a documentary, my greatest desire is that it have nothing directly to do with my own story or that of the Jews. I thought that, to contem­plate Israel, one had to go to Afghanistan, or some­where else, like New York, but certainly not Israel. Then I went to Tel Aviv University to teach film. Decisive was that one day I took the camera and sat down somewhere and suddenly there was an image, a shot. I thought it was a great picture. After that, all I had to do was wait and let things run their course." Chantal Akerman


Production: AMIP; Paradise Films

World Sales: AMIP

Screenplay, Editor: Chantal Akerman 

Cinematographers, Sound: Chantal Akerman, Robert Fenz

Producer: Xavier Carniaux, Marilyn Watelet

Format: Digi Beta PAL, Color

Running time: 79 minutes

Language: French