Forum Expanded 2007

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Gossip Studio

Room and video installations, TV program, films, photos and beauty moments


Interior Expansion

Exhibition of works by Andrea Cooper, Keren Cytter, Christoph Girardet, Karø Goldt, Jorge Lorenzo, Michael Snow, Isabell Spengler



Anne Quirynen, Germany 2007, 77 min.


Politics of Joy / Laborsituationen

Short film programs, 65 min. and 80. min.



Michael Snow, Canada 2006, 55 min.


Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic

Babette Mangolte, USA 2007, 95 min.


Underground / Overseas

Works by Andy Warhol, Danny Williams, Jack Smith etc.


Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes

Deirdre Logue, Canada 2005, 33 min.


X Loves Scenes

Constanze Ruhm, Austria 2006, 58 min.