The Miss Chief Eagle Testickle Trilogy

Installation with video loops by Kent Monkman and Gisèle Gordon (Urban Nation)

Canadian Embassy – Marshall McLuhan Salon
07.-17.02. Mon-Fri 12.00-18.00, Sat/Sun 12.00-16.00
12.02. 14:00 Cinema Talk & Reception

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The trilogy features the adventures and histories of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle, the outrageous alter ego of Cree artist Kent Monkman. Turning dismissive writings on the "romantic savage" upside down, she seduces innocent white men with whiskey and dresses them up as more "authentic" examples of the "European male" (GROUP OF SEVEN INCHES), then intercedes into a filmshoot by famed romantic filmmaker Frederick Curtis who plays out on the jealousy between his young sexy Cree actors, whereby teasing the action into a tragic twist (SHOOTING GERONIMO). Finally, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle journeys far across the seas to study the unspoiled European Male in his native habitat (ROBIN'S HOOD). The trilogy, which will be presented looped in an installation, challenges representations of "Indians" in the dominant cultural imaginary and its colonial legacies. Monkman and Gordon create narratives with which they dismantle commonly held assumptions regarding history, Native peoples, and their sexualities.


Group of Seven Inches

Kent Monkman, Gisèle Gordon, Canada 2005

Format: Color, Sound, DV

Running time: 7:35 min.


Shooting Geronimo

Kent Monkman, Canada 2007

Format: Farbe, Sound, DV

Running time: 11:11 min.


Robin’s Hood

Kent Monkman, Gisèle Gordon, Canada 2007

Format: Farbe, Sound, DV

Running time: 5:53 min.