Years When I Was A Child Outside (Family Multi-Channel)

Multi-channel projection

John Torres

Philippines 2008

16.02. 22:30 Arsenal 1 (Eng. subtitles) live*

*Live music: John Torres, Khavn De La Cruz, Ruello Lozendo, Diwa De Leon, Otto Hernandez

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Years When I Was a Child Outside (Family Multi-Channel) is, at once, a meditation. It is a meta-film that unravels into the journey of the son of best-selling self-help author Rodolfo Torres, who had pioneered the sale of instructional books and tapes to "help raise brighter children" in the Philippines during the early 1980s. Upon learning that his father bore illegitimate children, the narrator decides to run away. The film is not only a chronicle of stories through foreign regions, but also a probing letter from outside circles, an honest account of illegitimate views form uneven terrain, and a narrativedriven exploration of the nooks and peripheries of the body, geography, and weather. As the journey progresses, the film increasingly traverses the countries of revelation, film, and heart - to where all journeys are meant to end with.


Production: Peliculas Los Otros, Quezon City

Screenplay, Camera, Production: John Torres

Music: Makiling Ensemble, Khavn

Editors: Ruel Lozendo, John Torres

Cast: Donna Miranda, Ian Lomongo, Rodolfo Torres, Nympha Torres, Topper Torres, Chico Pace, Errol Balcos.

Format: DV, Color, Multi-channel projection

Running time: 101 min.

Language: Tagalog/English