Guillaume Cailleau, Ben Russell

Austerity Measures
Germany 2011

11.02. 17:30 OV Cinema Arsenal 1
12.02. 20:30 OV Cinema Arsenal 2

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A color-separation portrait of the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens, Greece, made during the anti-austerity protests in late 2011. In a place thick with stray cats and scooters, cops and Molotovs, ancient myths and new ruins; where fists are raised like so many columns in the Parthenon. This is a film of surfaces - of grafittied marble streets and wheat-pasted city walls - hand-processed and triple-exposed in red, green, and blue.

Guillaume Cailleau, born 1978 in France, lives and works in Berlin.
Ben Russell, born in 1976 in the USA, lives and works Paris.

Format: 16 mm
Running time: 8 min